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About Pongbot

The game of beer pong is getting an upgrade – Pongbot is a challenging new twist on everyone’s favorite drinking game, Beer Pong! Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that creates a moving target. Instead of tossing a ping pong ball at a group of stationary cups, Pongbot spins, darts, and randomly changes direction. This makes beer pong more fun, more exciting and a lot more challenging!


Pongbot re-defines the game with moving cups, and LED under-lighting adds a nice techie look to the mood of the party! Players can shoot at a single cup or add a five-cup caddie. Pongbot features edge-sensing technology to keep the bot from falling over the edge of the table. There are two modes for play – in Auto-mode, the Pongbot will move and spin randomly in any direction at any time, so that the shooter never knows where it is going. In Manual mode, your opponent controls the motion with a tank-style handheld remote control. So it’s you against your friend or you against the machine!


Pongbot absolutely raises the bar on everyone’s favorite party game – use it at pre-games, college and frat parties, tailgates, barbecues or when you are just hanging out! You can also play with non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all! It's a game of skill – man vs bot! Play it solo, one-on-one or in teams.

Pongbot is ready to ship. Order Pongbot today!